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    娱乐宝彩票The Construction and Basic Process of Labeling Machine

    Labeling machinery of the basic process
    ① take the standard by the standard mechanism to remove the label from the label box. Mainly to ensure that the number of standard to meet the requirements.
    (2) Label transfer Transfer the label to the labeling unit. Usually in the process of marking, to complete the code, glue and so on.
    ③ printed on the label printed on the production date, product batch and other digital.
    ④ Adhesive Apply adhesive on the back of the label. The work is mainly done by the glue coating mechanism.
    ⑤ Labeling Attach the label to the specified position on the container.
    ⑥ rolling, ironing will be stuck on the container surface of the label by rolling, ironing, to further paste it firmly to eliminate wrinkles, warping, roll up and other defects, so that the label was flat, smooth, solid. The construction of the labeling machine
    The supply and transportation of containers. Generally, the guide groove and the conveying screw are used at the same time, or the conveying star wheel and reciprocating plunger are arranged on the container, and the container is supplied to the labeling part of the labeling machine in cooperation with the timer. The container in the labeling machine towel to run the side of the side of the rotation and only move the two do not turn. The former can be used for the labeling of cylindrical container, while the latter can be used not only for the labeling of circular simple containers, but also for the labeling of shaped vessels and the like.
    After the labeling of flat shaped containers, in order to make the label stick better, often used in the container to press the label method. Corresponding container shipping methods are continuous and intermittent two.
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