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    娱乐宝彩票Analysis of the Current Development Characteristics of Label

    In recent years, China's labeling machinery industry has achieved rapid development, but there have been some low-level redundant construction phenomenon. According to the information, compared with foreign countries in Europe and America, China's labeling machinery products lack of 25% to 30%, 15 to 20 years behind the technical level.
    Some experts pointed out that the flow of labeling machinery technology and data flow has become an obstacle to be solved. Today, China's labeling machinery market will show the following characteristics:
    1. Labeling machinery technology has increased slowly. China has some of the existing labeling machinery products have learned from foreign advanced technology, such as stepper motor technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, although the development of difficulties, but overall, is slow.
    2. Market monopoly and low-end price war in stark contrast. At present, China in addition to corrugated packaging machinery and a number of small packaging machinery has a certain scale and advantages, the other packaging machinery are unscheduled, the scale, especially on the market demand for a number of sets of packaging production lines in the world packaging market are several Large packaging machinery enterprises (Group) by the monopoly, and the main low-end band labeling machinery in order to survive, at the hands and feet, difficult to maintain.
    3. Labeling machinery function more and more to improve production efficiency and product diversification. With the product to the multi-functional and single, high-speed polarization development, labeling machinery in the packaging level to play an increasingly important role, more and more types of labeling machines, and gradually improve the category.
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