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    Auchan teach you to quickly identify the true and false labe

    How to find a labeling machine manufacturer? How to tell whether it is a real label production machinery manufacturers? Auchan automation for everyone to explain the following "how to quickly identify the manufacturer of genuine and fake labeling machine.
       Labeling machine manufacturers, as the name suggests is the manufacture of labeling machinery manufacturers, dealers and distributors of different manufacturers have their own processing workshops, production lines, plant facilities, and so the basic characteristics of plant manufacturers.
       With the rapid development of e-commerce, a large number of labeling machine products sold information began to flood the Internet, we are under the banner of labeling manufacturers in the publicity, the actual production of their own labeling machinery, but from other manufacturers Get goods and then sold to consumers, which would like to buy directly in the factory customers caused a certain degree of trouble customers. So how in so much information quickly identify the production of the labeling machine manufacturers has become a headache problem. The following teach you a few ways to determine whether the initial labeling machine manufacturers.
        1. Hold valid "three certificates" documents, including business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, documents must be valid;
        2. Has its own production plant, including the machining workshop, assembly shop, commissioning workshop, product shop and other basic sectors; if there is no processing workshop, assembly plant, the basic can determine not the manufacturer of labeling machine;
        3. Have their own official website, and the website content-rich, illustrated (you can also pay attention to the next site, whether the site with the brand or the main products are linked to see if there are clues), only a small page or content "official website" , The proposed careful consideration;
        4. There are free 400 numbers. Although the 400 number can not explain the important issues, it is easy to do, but the formal manufacturers or enterprises, 400 phone is as part of its brand image, indispensable, which is considered a small factor;
       Above these are the necessary factors, the following is the most important after three points:
       5. The actual business address and license address is the same, if it is two different addresses or vary greatly, a man a North, to be careful;
       6. Whether to accept from time to time to visit the factory. Why to say no time, is to avoid the agreed time, there is sufficient preparation to take you to other manufacturers that are their own label factory; This is the one hand, so that on the one hand, if you are holding the purpose of visiting the manufacturers, you can From time to time to inform each other to come to visit, but you are to visit at the same time to test their own labeling machine, it is best to ask the machine do not, can test, or waste time and energy.
       7. You can call the video when asked about the manufacturers look at the environment, see if there is above mentioned the existence of factors. Really labeling machine manufacturers are willing to video.
    This process can be more friends to explore friends to determine whether the manufacturer is really labeling, practice makes perfect. So how to choose the label machine manufacturer? Is it necessary to pick brand-name, pick the scale it? Auchan that in fact do not, in particular the labeling machine equipment, the scale is not important, it is important that you really buy a handy and particularly suitable for your products, automatic labeling machine.
    This is because:
    First of all, the brand name or size is only to a certain extent, on behalf of the past has been, how the moment, than to know. For example, wearing clothes, and some like to wear brand names, but no one can guarantee that the brand-name are all good clothes, the brand name is a good brand, This is the truth.
    Second, the performance of the labeling machine equipment, mainly to see the talent of each manufacturer of equipment and technical applications of the combination between the degree of understanding and thoroughness, whether it can do each part of the structure, each technology are fully integrated into full play Form a complete system. This is mainly in terms of running performance.
    Therefore, the selection of labeling machine manufacturers to pick the most suitable for your product labeling manufacturers, most know your product labeling manufacturers. Select the label manufacturers like to pick their own shoes to wear, suitable for your own, is better, not the best.
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