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    娱乐宝彩票Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Labeling Methods for L

    Labeling machines are playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. Over the years, we have been working on the R & D and production of labeling machines, and have concluded the advantages and disadvantages of the three labeling methods.
    A wide range of labeling machines on the market, but the variance of their cases, labeling machine labeling methods are rubbing stickers, blowing paste method and suction stickers three. The three labeling methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    ◆ rub stickers work principle: When the front edge of the labeling label affixed to the product, the product immediately take away the label. The advantage of this method is that the labeling speed is fast, and the labeling accuracy depends on the speed of the product passing the labeling machine and the speed of the label distribution. If the speed of the labeling machine is constant, the labeling precision will be high; otherwise, influences.
    ◆ suction method works: When the labeling machine label paper leaves the conveyor belt, was sucked into the vacuum pad, vacuum pad connected to the end of a mechanical device. When the mechanism is extended to contact the label with the product, it retracts and the label is attached to the product. This method has the advantage of high precision, and for difficult packaging products, labeling process; shortcomings is slow labeling, labeling and quality is not good.
      ◆ Blowing method works: in the suction method on the basis of improvement, the difference is that the surface of the vacuum pad to remain fixed, fixed and positioning the label in a "vacuum gate", "vacuum gate" is a plane, the cloth Full of hundreds of holes. The orifices are used to maintain the formation of & quot; air jets. & Quot; The "air jet" blows a compressed air, the pressure is very strong, so that the label on the vacuum gate move, it attached to the product. This method has the advantage of high accuracy and reliability; disadvantage is the process is complex.
    Comparison of three labeling methods found that rubbing stickers can make the labeling machine work speed is greatly improved, in line with the pursuit of high efficiency trends. Min-lion has been working to resolve this method is not high precision labeling problem, the ultimate combination of intelligent control of new technologies to produce high-speed precision automatic labeling machine.
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